Amateur Radio Licence Training UK - Advanced Licence holder.

Amateur Radio

I have been using radio since 1980, through AM CB radio, FM CB Radio and Amateur Radio (Ham Radio). I am an Advanced Licence amateur radio operator with a passion for radio communications and electronics.

As well as holding Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced licences I am also a Radio Society Of Great Britain (RSGB) Registered Assessor.

I have also developed a skill for the Amazon Echo which tests a students knowledge of foundation licence syllabus. This will go live when I have rewritten the questions for the new syllabus.

I first got in to radio when I built a radio receiver in after school classes in 1977.  Because I wanted to give children of today the same thrill I got from building my own radio, I am developing a radio course for schools. This will not only teach children about radio, but also electronics and communications. This course will be delivered in schools, with the students building their own radio from scratch. Hopefully for some this will lead to developing their skills further, and gaining their amateur radio licence.


For those wanting help with study towards their UK amateur radio licence I provide one to one training either in person or online.

Training is useful when you have read the book but need extra help to understand a concept, the maths, or even a whole section of the book.

Training can be done locally or online via skype. 

Being a registered assessor for RSGB I can also provide training or assessment for the practical elements of the licence which are compulsory before sitting the exam.